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Agile Outsourcing with Gorilla Logic is Different—In All the Right Ways.

Outsourcing software development is not a new practice. To keep up with rapidly evolving technologies, nimble competitors, and changing consumer preferences, turning to outsourcing for additional developers is often necessary. But when scaling resources, the process should complement your environment and enable you to deliver high-quality value, faster without making unnecessary (or painful) sacrifices. These extensions of your team should be easily accessible and customizable—which is why Gorilla Logic offers purpose-built nearshore Agile teams.

Agile Software Development

Unlike traditional, over-the-wall application development, Gorilla Logic aligns with the highly collaborative Agile methodology that enables teams to implement smaller deployable units, push updates faster, and respond more quickly to market dynamics. Gorilla Logic is uniquely equipped to partner with Agile companies and has the expertise to meet them where they are in their Agile practice—whether that means taking a pragmatic Agile approach or utilizing a scaling framework.

The result is rapid, feedback-driven product and solution delivery that allows you to innovate and disrupt markets while outperforming your competition. Agile software development creates environments with fewer errors and less time spent on re-work. The full transparency and control inherent in an Agile build mean greater confidence for the development team, leader, and other stakeholders.


But it’s More than Frameworks…

While we live the Agile-mindset here at Gorilla Logic, we know a successful vendor must bring more than Agile alignment to the partnership. That’s just the beginning. As a premier nearshore development partner, we strategically choose development center locations that make collaboration with our clients seamless.

Our development centers are aligned with U.S. time zones, share a cultural affinity, and are easily traveled to. Our impressive developers, or Gorillas as they call themselves, are all English-fluent and thrive in the community of knowledge we have fostered.

Because of our thorough selection process, we are confident that Gorilla talent is the top in the industry. In 2018, we hired the top 3% of our total applicants ensuring their knowledge and drive set them up for long term success. Our developers continually pursue challenges, skill development, and excellence.

Power of the Community

With strong foundations in place, we understand that constant nurturing of our environment is also necessary. We set our Gorillas up for success by providing as many resources as possible, from education to leadership support, and ensure the projects Gorillas work on are challenging and innovative. We’ve created specific roles—Practice Leads and Area Engineering Managers (AEMs)—to assist in the continued education and professional development of our Gorillas and provide ongoing support. Practice Leads offer expertise in specific technology stacks and capabilities while AEMs focus on individual performance, team cohesion, and career paths. Additionally, Gorillas can expand their expertise through regular training, workshops, and labs. This well-rounded approach leads to both happier Gorillas and happier clients.

More than Staff Augmentation

There are numerous options and vendors for plug and play developers that can handle maintenance and bug fixes. That’s not us. When you’re building customer software critical to your business outcomes, you need a custom-built Agile team. Gorilla teams are cross-functional and self-organizing. We manage the resourcing dynamics such as scaling up or bringing in different skill sets as needed, so you get the exact talent you need and don’t pay for resources you don’t use.

Our teams are purpose-built for your project, from initiation to release. Gorillas work alongside your existing teams and provide the same continuous exploration, integration, and deployment as your internal teams. From seamless integration with your organization’s internal resources to strong foundations in self-management, our Gorillas accelerate project velocity rather than slow you down.

Partnering with Gorilla Logic offers exponentially more value than an equal number of disparate developers engaged through a traditional staff augmentation model. Here are just a few reasons why

  • The efficiency of a self-organizing Agile team is best for complex and/or business-critical application builds.
  • Gorilla Agile teams are cohesive, supportive units. They can respond faster to changes and require less managerial oversight.
  • When challenges arise, Gorilla Agile teams can more readily tap into additional resources whether it’s a knowledgeable team member, Gorilla Practice Lead, or Gorilla Solution Engineer.


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