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Services – FullTechnology.com

iOS, Android, .Net, ASP.net, HTML5, PHP, Oracle forms, Java, React, Flutter, Magento.

Technology projects led by our expert team, integrating agile methodology and following PMO standards

BI MANAGER, Combine, cleanse, transform your data in a flash to uncover insights in just a few clicks

Big data can change the way companies operate, but only if it’s centralized in one place and available for analysts and data scientists to work on. Custom data pipelines built on a per-request basis work at first but turn into a nightmare to scale and maintain.

Visualization, Enterprise-wide static reports and dashboards, self-service data exploration, distributed through web, mobile and API.

Standardize and automate data flows from disconnected spreadsheets, databases, applications and systems into target data storage.

Build flexible, scalable and reliable single source of truth in your organization that delivers standardized and intuitively modeled data for analysis purposes.

Define strategic fact-finding pathways, such as vendors, tools, technologies, methodologies, and standards.